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The British WW1 Uniform and Kit

Anyone researching WW1 quickly learns to recognize a soldier's country of origin by his uniform. The British "Tommy" uniform is perhaps the most easily recognizable. But besides the iconic brown khaki tunic and trousers, what else did he wear?

Today I've included a two videos that give an excellent overview of the British soldier's uniform.

First is a Dan Snow video where we see him put on all the pieces and give a short explanation of each piece. Then some detail about the webbing and kit the soldier carried.

Next is a video from the The Great War Youtube channel which gives some additional detail on each uniform piece, uniforms for warmer climates, and details about officers' uniforms.

Subscribe to their channel for their promised future video on the differences among Commonwealth countries.

Looking for details on WW1 uniforms for soldiers of other nationalities? The Great War Youtube Channel has features on German, French, Russian, Romanian, and Ottoman uniforms.

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